Clive Christian Interiors

Architectural Ivory Bar -
Architectural Ivory Bar / Architectural Ivory Bar -

A collection of Cool LUXE Interiors from Clive Christian OBE design house. Available in Cool or warm Luxe, Clive christian Interiors encompass bespoke paneling, fitted and freestanding furniture collections and every accompaniment and embellishment from wallpaper and fabrics to crystal chandeliers and lighting to achieve a gracious connectivity throughout the home. 


I've designed with Clive for over 18 years now - when asked what sets us apart from the's an easy answer. British Crafstmanship, luxurious quality, true company heritage and a perfect sense of style and scale. Clive's Cool LUXE designs to me illustrate where a love of the classics collides with a modern lifestyle. Go ahead and enjoy....and share if you do ;0)  J