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ASID Legislative Strategic Funding Program

The American Society of Interior Designers' Legislative Strategic Funding Program is operated by the Legislative and Codes Advisory Council (LCAC) with the guidance of ASID's Government and Public Affairs Department (GPA). The purpose of the Legislative Strategic Funding Program is to provide financial and in-kind support to state coalitions and ASID chapters which aim to advance a legislative agenda in accordance with ASID's governance and policies regarding legislation. Legislative efforts which may receive funding through the Legislative Strategic Funding Program include advocacy efforts for legislation which expands practice opportunities, provides more favorable tax structures, or promotes other policies which improve and benefit the interior design profession.

To find out more about the purpose, structure and requirements of the ASID Legislative Financial Aid Program, take a moment and review ASID's Legislative Strategic Funding Program Guidebook.

Apply to the Legislative Strategic Funding Program:

 *  The 2015 ASID Legislative Strategic Funding Program will close July 31, 2014. Late applications will not be accepted.
** Specific guidelines apply to Emergency Financial Aid requests. Please take a moment to review what constitutes an "emergency" in the Legislative Strategic Funding Program Guidebook above before submitting an Emergency Financial Aid Application.

Additional resources

Beyond financial assistance, ASID also offers in-kind support for advocacy efforts. To find out what additional advocacy resources ASID can provide, contact the Government and Public Affairs department at gpa@asid.org.