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Starting a Student Chapter

Interested in Starting an ASID Student Chapter?

ASID student chapters introduce design students to the largest professional interior design association, provide networking opportunities with practicing designers and industry professionals and enable students to collaborate with peers and plan interior design-related events and community outreach on campus. Student chapters are supported by local and national level ASID leaders and staff, and resources for the governance and operations of chapters are readily available.

Establish an ASID student chapter at your school and join a network of more than 300 existing student chapters in North America. Student chapters are an extension of the leading professional interior design association and such affiliation is rewarding for your school and looks great on a resume. See all of the current ASID student chapters here.


  • Eligible schools have a two, three, four or five-year program in interior design or architecture and require at least 40 semester credit hours or 60 quarter hours of interior design or courses for a degree, diploma or certificate in interior design.
  • The institution must be accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting body.
  • There should be at least 10 students interested in membership before a chapter is formed.
  • Students are encouraged to join ASID as independent student members until the school has been approved by ASID to house an official student chapter.

How to Apply

A faculty member, representative of the institution or student interested in applying for student chapter status should complete the following application and proceed as follows:

  • Obtain a complete college course catalogue and mark all pages cited in the application and/or pages that are relevant to the interior design program.
  • Provide a check in the amount of $25 made to the order of "ASID." This is a non-refundable application fee.
  • Download the ASID Student Chapter Application here!

Mail the completed application, course catalogue and check to:
ASID Headquarters
Attn: Education and Engagement Team
718 7th Street NW

4th Floor
Washington, DC 20001

You can also email this information or if you have questions regarding this process or your school's eligibility, please contact the Student and Emerging Professional Programs Department at 202.675.2352 or emergingleaders@asid.org.

Approval Process

Upon receipt of your application, an initial review will be carried out by the ASID Student and Emerging Professional Programs Department. Applicants may be called to answer questions at any time during this process. Students are encouraged to join ASID as independent student members until the school has been approved by ASID to house an official student chapter.


Once an ASID student chapter has been successfully established, it must meet requirements to maintain this official charter on a yearly basis. Student chapters not meeting the requirements below may be in jeopardy of having their charter revoked.

  • Retention of the ASID name on student chapter meetings/projects/joint functions
  • An ASID student chapter bank account bearing the sole name of "ASID Student Chapter"
  • At least 10 national-dues-paying ASID student members in good standing
  • At least 4 student chapter officers (President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Secretary) who are national-dues-paying ASID student members in good standing