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calgary Alberta Alberta
calgary Alberta Alberta

After publishing one of my projects in this past March 2009 issue of the Famous Worldwide Magazine: “The Architectural Digest” (page 68), I have received many e-mails from friends, clients and fellow ASID designers asking for more details about this project. Therefore, I have put together this article and added some pictures that my clients, the house owners, and I thought couldn’t be a better choice for the magazine.

This magnificent Residence is located in one of the best neighborhoods of Calgary, Canada and has wonderful view from the backyard that overlooks the center of the city. Every detail was carefully mastered by many professionals and the owners of the house: Gary Swanson and Colena Manning. When I met Gary and Colena the construction was in the final stage and they needed to defined the style and select the furniture for the House.

We decided to approach this by steps knowing that this process will probably take many years but knowing that the final result would give us a nice sample “Of the Art of Design”.

The style chosen was what we now call French Country Revival or New European Classic: rich bright colors, textures and different materials. One interesting anecdote was convincing the owners of the use or a zebra rug. I showed them many of my classics catalogs as well as the Karges catalog showing many rooms with their classic furniture surrounded with a vintage Zebra rug. Finally, we settled for a faux zebra rug for the second floor hall way.

The majority of the furniture was made by Century Furniture mainly because all the furniture needed to be shipped to Canada which has some restrictions for imported furniture. I think Century Furniture is fabulous. I had a great connection with the factory; therefore I knew in advance that they will accommodate any of our particular requests. The fabrics are by Stroheim & Roman, Pindler& Pindler, Brunschwig & Fills and Newport Mansion.