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A new model for the "Workplace - Reinvented" in both design and finance.
It incorporates flexible work spaces including private and shared offices, suites, dedicated and interval work spaces as well as a variety of conference, meeting and presentation/training rooms incorporating the best and most current technological advances.

Inner Light is a full scope interior design company that aids in the fulfillment of a client's vision for any type of physical space. The firm's guiding principle is to conceptualized, design, facilitate and achieve client goals to provide their users, guests and others with a memorable and unique experience.  The firm's implementation focus achieves superior cost-quality-aesthetic- functional benefits aligned with client objectives.


Lori Sitz Teacher has teamed up with Monique Blum and they have created a new website in addition to the Sitz-Teacher Design .
You can find all the latest photos at and on

The designs of Jona Collins, CID, a premier interior designer based in the San Francisco Bay area, are timeless and graceful. With an artist’s eye and the ability to transition from one style to another with ease, Jona revolves each interior around its key architectural features to compose a space that’s authentic to each home and homeowner. 


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