Election to the ASID College of Fellows, the Society’s highest honor, is bestowed on less than 1 percent of the ASID membership. Fellowship is bestowed on professional members who have made notable and outstanding contributions to the profession not only through their work but also through their demonstrated commitment to ASID and to the interior design industry.

Submissions for the 2015 Class of Fellows have closed and winners will be announced in April and recognized at ASID’s national awards event, Celebration, in July 2015.

Nominations for 2016 Fellows will open in the fall of 2015 with details to follow. 


Fellowship may be granted to professional members who have shown distinction in fulfilling the criteria established by the ASID Council of Fellows. The criteria and the means of fulfillment are detailed below. Please read the criteria carefully when considering a prospective nominee's qualifications for fellowship.

Basic Requirements

  1. Nominees must be current ASID professional members and also must have been professional members for at least 10 years. (If uncertainties exist about a nominee’s length of membership, please contact ASID Chapter Services at 202-675-2374 or chapters@asid.org to verify eligibility before preparing the online submission materials.)
  2. Nominees must exhibit the highest levels of ethical conduct and professionalism as confirmed by peer testimony (references).
  3. Nominees must exhibit the highest standards of leadership as confirmed by peer testimony (references).

I. Exemplary Contributions to ASID through Leadership in the Society and the Greater Interior Design Professional Community (All candidates must meet these criteria.)

  • Nominees should exhibit consistent, notable and demonstrative leadership within ASID (at the chapter and/or national levels), governmental interior design policy or legislative advancement.
  • Nominees may demonstrate leadership by holding positions within (but not limited to) the following organizations:
  • ASID at the chapter level
  • ASID at the national level
  • Council for Interior Design Qualification
  • Council for Interior Design Accreditation
  • Interior Design Educators Council
  • Interior Design Continuing Education Council
  • International Federation of Interior Architects

II. Exemplary Performance of Interior Design Work (Candidates must align with one of the following categories.)

  • Nominees should demonstrate professional excellence consistently throughout their career.
  • Nominees should have contributed notable and outstanding achievements in their particular design field in at least one of the following categories:

Category 1: Excellence and leadership through an exemplary body of interior design work. Nominee submissions should demonstrate a body of exemplary work in areas such as (but not limited to) historic preservation, sustainability, universal and/or accessible design, lighting design, product design, adaptive reuse, etc., in all categories of interior spaces. This may be accomplished through individual effort or by assuming a primary role in a team effort. The body of work submitted must describe and reflect notable design knowledge and expertise as well as impact on occupants.
Category 2: Advance the profession of interior design as an educator, trainer and/or design business knowledge leader. Nominee submissions should demonstrate notable contributions through work in interior design education, research and/or publication, and the business practice of interior design. Such contributions could include firm leadership, administration, market expansion, project management and corporate real estate/facilities management. Work in education may include teaching, research, administration or authorship, and such work should contribute to the interior design body of knowledge and be widely recognized by others in the interior design profession and related fields.
Category 3: Improve living, working, and environmental standards through advocacy of interior design or work in interior design. Nominee submissions should demonstrate notable contributions to the profession through a history of work that has resulted in improving the economic, social and environmental well-being of people and the planet. These contributions may be demonstrated through alternative careers, influencing government policy and/or public service, or through work with nonprofit, nongovernmental organizations or government agencies.
Category 4. Uncategorized professional expertise. Nominee submissions should demonstrate exemplary contributions in interior design that do not fall under the previous categories but that are potentially worthy of this highest honor.


Section One: Introduction

Part A. Profile
Please fill out the nominee and sponsor contact information on the Fellows Web portal: http://chapterawards.asid.org/

Part B. Nomination Process
The fellowship nomination may be made in one of two ways:

  • By chapter. (The nomination form must bear the signature of the chapter president or president-elect.)

  • By an individual ASID professional member or fellow. (The nomination form must bear the signatures of 10 professional ASID members in good standing or five fellows. It is the sponsor's responsibility to inform the chapter of such a nomination.)

Part C. Statement of Achievement and Educational Background
The statement of achievement should be limited to 250 words on one page. The list of nominee accomplishments must show achievement on national or international levels in areas related to design and should validate the contributions the nominee has made to the Society and the advancement of the interior design profession.

Please submit the nominee’s educational background information.

Section Two: Documentation of Design Work and Accomplishments

Part A: Interior Design Practice
This section should include a maximum of five photographs or drawings that exhibit the nominee’s design work, the work of the nominee’s firm or the work of others in which the nominee has played a leading role.

Part B: Knowledge
Please include a list of books, articles or research documents written by or about the nominee.

Part C: Leadership and Recognition
Please submit a bulleted list of significant awards, honors and recognition the nominee has received.

Part D: Service and Volunteerism
Please submit a bulleted list of the nominee’s volunteer contributions.

Section Three: Letters of Reference and Sponsor Letter
Please include the following:

  • Ten reference signatures from professional members who signed off on the nomination if the candidate self-nominated (including name, address, ZIP code, telephone and fax numbers).
  • Five reference signatures from fellows who signed off on the nomination if the candidate self-nominated (including name, address, ZIP code, telephone and fax numbers).
  • Seven reference letters, including four from fellows.
  • The original sponsor letter

Notes: The nomination sponsor (i.e., the individual responsible for coordinating and submitting the online nomination materials) must be a professional member of ASID in good standing. Current ASID national officers, members of the ASID Board of Directors and members of the Council of Fellows (at the time of nomination) may not serve as sponsors. However, current officers and members of the ASID Board of Directors may suggest nominees and ask another professional member in good standing to act as the sponsor. In the case of a chapter submission, the nominating chapter will select a professional ASID member in good standing to act as a single sponsor.