Faculty Advisor of the Year

The ASID Student Chapter Faculty Advisor of the Year award acknowledges an exceptional and innovative educator that has provided their ASID student chapter with inspiration and guidance. The ASID Faculty Advisor of the Year will be recognized nationally through ASID publications and at an awards event/luncheon held at an upcoming industry event.
Gera King, ASID
Scottsdale Community College
Gera King, ASID, is the Scottsdale Community College faculty advisor. She strives to make sure every student is learning and receives a valuable experience. The ASID student enrollment is directly related to Gera’s help and focus to increase student participation throughout the year. Gera’s dedication to  interior design students and the ASID-SCC Student Board is like no other. She attends all events, and for the ASID-SCC community service project with Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Tribe, she worked with former student and community member, Normalinda Sidney, to locate a project, secure furniture from tribal inventory, procured framed children’s artwork from the tribe, and got Sherwin Williams to donate the paint. Gera has led the ASID-SCC Student Board for more than four  years, and in her year of retirement, ASID is proud to have her as the Faculty Advisor of the Year.
Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D., FASID, FIDEC 
Colorado State University
Dr. Stephanie Clemons is a professor and coordinator in the Interior Design program at Colorado State University where she has been enthusiastically involved with the ASID-CSU student chapter in the role of faculty advisor since 1988, proving her commitment and passion. Regardless of the strenuous demands placed upon Dr. Clemons by the interior design program, she conveys the importance of ASID to the students of the Colorado State University chapter of ASID. She continuously encourages students to commit themselves to the interior design community by joining ASID, and demonstrates that belonging to ASID will not only increase student success in the industry, but will also provide students with a greater understanding of the power of interior design. Dr. Clemons has been instrumental in instilling the value of membership to the lowerclassmen in the Interior Design program. She entices students with extra credit if they attend events, promotes ASID events when members are unable, and allows current ASID members to come to her freshman class to present the benefits of ASID. Dr. Clemons is vital in reaching out to previous students and ASID professionals on behalf of the student chapter in order to help with events and expand the chapter’s connections. Her position of prominence within the organization has provided the chapter numerous occasions to engage with inspiring designers from various sectors of the industry.


2015: Stephanie Clemons, Ph.D., FASID, FIDEC, Colorado State University
2014: Shepard Vineburg, ASID, UCLA Extension
2013: Anne Martin, Anderson University
2012: Denny Holland, Allied ASID, Canada College