Student Chapter Event of the Year


The ASID Student Chapter Event of the Year award highlights one innovative program developed primarily by and for ASID student chapters/members. Excellent candidates are events that are unique, productive, carefully conceived, and embrace basic interior design skills. The ASID Student Chapter Event of the Year will be recognized nationally through ASID publications and at an awards event/luncheon held at an upcoming industry event.


The Gathering
Anderson University

The Gathering is a unique annual event hosted by the Anderson University ASID Student Chapter that connects local industry partners, designers, and students. Students are able to learn about the profession of interior design while gaining first-hand knowledge about products within the industry. Many times, students have met professionals at The Gathering and it has developed into an internship or full-time position following graduation. Each year, The Gathering is a great success as it promotes the Student Chapter at Anderson University by encouraging students to participate in all aspects of ASID.

“Good job on planning an event featuring students, professionals, and sales representatives. This is the real world experience.” – Melanie Murata, Allied ASID

“The Gathering" by the Anderson University Student Chapter is an impressive student-organized event that demonstrates significant planning and management capabilities.” – Tamie Glass, ASID



BUNNYFish Studio
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

The 2014-15 school year was marked by a concerted effort on behalf of the UNLV ASID Student Chapter board members to expose students to the wide-ranging career opportunities available in the interior design industry. They sought ways to involve local industry professionals with students, the chapter, and the university. With these goals in mind, the chapter was able to create a bi-annual lecture series  featuring industry visionaries who spoke with students and professionals on important themes in interior design. They were also able to collect proceeds and plan to fund a program for local high school seniors interested in UNLV’s Interior Architecture and Design program.

“Good efforts in planning your first successful bi-annual speaker series with Roger Thomas as keynote speaker. Great model to continue growing year after year.” – Melanie Murata, Allied ASID

“The ongoing bi-annual lecture series established by the UNLV ASID Student Chapter shows initiate and foresight.” – Tamie Glass, ASID


2014: Product Expo, University of Georgia
2013: Chair Challenge, Northern Virginia Community College
2012: Mission Possible for Veterans, Illinois Institute of Art Chicago