Student Chapter Leader of the Year


The ASID Student Chapter Leader award recognizes the dedication and leadership of an outstanding ASID student chapter leader (to include any student chapter officer and Student Rep to the Board).

Hannah Fluitt, Student ASID, Student Chapter President
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Hannah Fluitt is a fourth year interior architecture and design student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and student chapter president of UNLV’s ASID Student Chapter. Hannah believes that interior design affords the designer an opportunity to enrich lives and communities by connecting people to place in a meaningful, beautiful way. During her ASID student chapter presidency, she has worked hard to give her fellow students a safe place to grow, explore, and evolve as young designers. 
“Great job making your vision come to fruition and for growing into your leadership position as ASID President in order to help your board, student membership, and the community.” – Melanie Murata, Allied ASID
“Hannah Fluitt has been transformed by her education and ASID has helped her gain confidence in herself and her career choice. It is great to see her give back through her own leadership.” – Tamie Glass, ASID
Natasha D’Souza, Student ASID, Student Chapter President
UCLA Extension
Natasha D’Souza graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Design Management and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Interior Architecture at UCLA/Cal Poly Pomona. As the current student president of the ASID UCLA Extension Student Chapter, she facilitated the complete renovation of a transitional housing unit at Jenesse Center, the oldest domestic violence intervention center in Los Angeles. Her commitment to encouraging student involvement, enriching students’ educational experience, and exposing students to real world aspects of design is apparent through the high volume of membership in the UCLA extension chapter, the monthly events, and the evolution of the chapter’s community service project. As a student, designer, and avid volunteer, Natasha derives inspiration from traveling and enjoys capturing beauty with her camera in hand.
“The fact that you continued to carry on your leadership position in addition to others' responsibilities when they were too busy is very impressive and a sign of a true leader.”– Melanie Murata, Allied ASID
“Natasha D'Souza is ambitious and goal-oriented, and she displays the qualities of a true leader.” – Tamie Glass, ASID


2015: Hannah Fluitt, Student ASID, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
2014: Alexa Schroeder, Student ASID, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
2013: Melanie Murata, Student ASID, Florida State University
2012: Karen Licea, Student ASID, University of Neveda at Las Vegas