Student Chapter Leader of the Year

The ASID Student Chapter Leader of the Year award recognizes the dedication and leadership of an outstanding ASID student chapter leader (to include any student chapter officer and Student Rep to the Board). 
Jeremy Clark, Student ASID, President-elect
Auburn University
Jeremy Clark, Student ASID,is a junior enrolled in the CIDA-accredited Auburn University Interior Design program. Serving as the ASID President-elect for the 2015-16term, he is actively involved in planning various events and recruiting new members into the professional association. Under his leadership, the ASID Auburn University Student Chapter has the distinction of being the largest student chapter in the southeast. Due to his energy and charisma, his chapter had the second largest number of attendees at the ASID Student Summit in Savannah, second only to SCAD,our host. In order to encourage attendance, he approached the Alabama ASID Chapter for funds to help students attend. His ingenuity and resolve persuaded the state chapter to provide partial scholarships for 13 students to attended Launch. Jeremy has taken responsibility for reinventing the chapter and it’s relevancy to its student members. Amazingly, he makes it seem effortless and accomplishes his goals with a smile.
Arik Spaulding, Student ASID, President 
Scottsdale Community College
Arik Spaulding, Student ASID, is a senior at the Scottsdale Community College Interior Design program. Serving as ASID President for the 2015-16 term, he has put extra effort into his position as a leader. He announces upcoming meetings or events in ALL interior design classes as well as overseeing Facebook announcements and postings on bulletin boards. Arik led the Board in conducting new student orientations in fall and spring where ASID members provided new students with tips on how to succeed. Arik instituted an Open Student Meeting this year. He listened to the student body, and noting that they wanted more interaction and opportunities, he started the monthly student meetings. These  meetings provide students with the opportunity to learn about upcoming events and to share new ideas.  Arik has been exceptional.


2015: Hannah Fluitt, Student ASID, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
2014: Alexa Schroeder, Student ASID, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
2013: Melanie Murata, Student ASID, Florida State University
2012: Karen Licea, Student ASID, University of Neveda at Las Vegas