Student Chapter Leader of the Year

The ASID Student Chapter Leader of the Year award recognizes the dedication and leadership of an outstanding ASID student chapter leader (to include any student chapter officer and Student Rep to the Board). 
Nominate yourself or someone you know by completing the online submission process. All nominees must have served the ASID student chapter during the 2015–2016 term and be in good standing with ASID. The following will be mandated in order to complete the online application process: 
  • Completed Online Application Form.
  • Typed Essay (500 word maximum) describing:
    • The outstanding leadership your chapter leader has provided to you student chapter.
    • The great ideas, suggestions, or events the student leader has recommended and/or led efforts to execute for your chapter during this past year.
    • How the student chapter leader been dedicated to the student chapter.
    • The exceptional leadership qualities the student chapter leader possess.
    • How the student chapter leader encouraged involvement with the student chapter.
  • Photograph(s) with brief description(s) to support typed essay (5 maximum)
Online entries must be received by 11:59 P.M. EST on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. Late entries will not be considered.
The ASID Student Advisory Council (SAC), comprised of seven ASID members, understands that interior design students are the future of the profession and of the Society. Their dedication and industry outlook provides a steady stream of judges. 
The chair of the ASID Student Advisory Council will notify the award recipient in writing no later than April 20, 2016.
Applications open January 14, 2016.


2015: Hannah Fluitt, Student ASID, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
2014: Alexa Schroeder, Student ASID, University of Nevada at Las Vegas
2013: Melanie Murata, Student ASID, Florida State University
2012: Karen Licea, Student ASID, University of Neveda at Las Vegas