Student Chapter of the Year Award

The ASID Student Chapter of the Year award recognizes a single ASID student chapter that has provided exceptional service to its student members, professional associates, and community. The ASID Student Chapter of the Year will be recognized nationally through ASID publications and at an awards event/luncheon held at an upcoming industry event.
The ASID student chapter president or appointed chair must fully complete the online submission process. All chapters must have served as an active ASID student chapter during 2015-2016. The following will be mandated in order to complete the online application process:
  • Completed Online Application Form.
  • Typed Essay (500 word maximum) describing:
    • Student chapter’s strategic goals, outstanding qualities, notable projects, and accomplishments.
    • Any challenges and/or strategic goals that were met creatively.
    • The student chapter’s involvement with the professional chapter.
  • PDF/Word Document of student chapter’s strategic plan.
  • Supporting photograph(s) with brief description(s) of successful student chapter events, such as (5 maximum)
    • Fundraisers
    • Community service projects
    • Programs, speakers, trips, etc.
  • Examples of student chapter board meeting minutes.
  • Minimum of two letters of recommendation from faculty members, ASID Industry Partner representatives, ASID professional chapter leaders/members, or other professionals.
  • Appendix
    • Invitations, newsletters, and supporting materials that were part of the chapter’s successful year.

Online entries must be received by 11:59 P.M. EST on Wednesday, March 16, 2016. Late entries will not be considered.

The ASID Student Advisory Council (SAC), comprised of seven ASID members, understands that interior design students are the future of the profession and of the Society. Their dedication and industry outlook provides a steady stream of judges. 
The chair of the ASID Student Advisory Council will notify the award recipient in writing no later than April 20, 2016.
Applications open January 14, 2016.


2015: Colorado State University
2014: University of North Texas
2013: Southwest University of Visual Arts
2012: Illinois Institute of Art Chicago