Student Chapter of the Year Award

The ASID Outstanding Student Chapter of the Year award recognizes a single ASID student chapter that has provided exceptional service to its student members, professional associates, and community. The ASID Student Chapter of the Year will be recognized nationally through ASID publications and at an awards event/luncheon held at an upcoming industry event.


The Colorado State University (CSU) ASID Student Chapter set strategic goals for the year related to increasing and retaining membership, developing new partnerships, attracting new student leaders, increasing leadership skills, offering services to campus and community entities, and increasing member and non-member involvement at student chapter events. The qualities of the chapter are diverse and include strength in numbers and well developed communications and networking skills, which have helped build the student organization and have contributed to the success of the chapter to meet the strategic goals set at the beginning of the year.

View the CSU ASID Student Chapter’s strategic plan.

“Excellent enthusiasm, participation, and strategic planning efforts as a chapter.” – Melanie Murata, Allied ASID

“The Colorado State University Student Chapter demonstrated effective and thoughtful strategic planning - outlining goals, tactics, challenges, and impact.” – Tamie Glass, ASID





The 2014-15 ASID UCLA Extension Student Chapter is a dynamic team of talented, committed individuals with an ambitious nature. Springing into action from the beginning, the board laid the foundation for the upcoming year with a SWOT analysis and strategic plan. The board’s main objectives included encouraging student involvement and enriching their educational experience. The chapter’s accomplishments, which included engaging events, professional development, and community service, were outstanding.


View the UCLA Extension ASID Student Chapter’s strategic plan.

“Impressive involvement and pro-bono service project!” – Melanie Murata, Allied ASID

“The UCLA Extension Student Chapter showed impressive recruiting efforts, admirable community service, and overall very engaging events. Their strategic planning was remarkable.” – Tamie Glass, ASID


2014: University of North Texas
2013: Southwest University of Visual Arts
2012: Illinois Institute of Art Chicago