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ASID Form Contracts

ASID encourages all designers to enter into written agreements with clients. For more than 20 years, ASID has provided members with residential form contracts that serve as a framework from which members and their local attorneys can create client agreements.

Please review Levy Sonet and Siegel LLP's Introduction to ASID Residential Contract Forms before using the Society's form contracts. 

ASID updated and refreshed its residential in 2016 and commercial form contracts in 2015. These new contracts reflect the typical concerns that most often arise in design projects today. These are provided in a Microsoft Word document which can be edited and also applied to your firm's letterhead. Online access further increases the flexibility and ease of use of the new letter form agreements. Purchase one or the entire package of templates and download these right onto your computer. ASID members receive a discount off of the retail value. There is also a chart you can view that will help compare each commercial and residential contract so you can best select a single contract or the group pack.
Click here to purchase the contracts at the ASID Store.

Alan M. Siegel and his team at Levy Sonet & Siegel LLP configured the new contracts as letter agreements, making them easier to use but no less legally binding. Optional clauses may differ from contract to contract, but the legal protection is the same. Siegel's portfolio of residential and commercial form agreements, with differing fee structures, that allows designers to pick and choose options and customize contracts for each client and project.

For comprehensive guidance on how to use the new letter form agreements, please watch the video embedded here. Or access advice on a single topic related to the new letter form agreements using the menu at the right. 

We also invite you to view two in-depth webinar presentations covering important details of the contract agreements: