Student Resources: Leaders

Welcome 2016 – 2017 ASID student chapter leaders! Before you dive headfirst into your ASID leadership position, it’s important to become familiar with your roles and responsibilities. Please review your job-specific information below and grab your ASID Student Chapter, a computer, and some're about to get schooled!

WATCH your 15 minute training presentation to become more familiar with the ASID chapter structure and strategic planning. Take your student chapter from good to GREAT!

Student Representative to the Board

The Student Representative to the Board is the highest student leadership position held at ASID. Attends online ASID Leadership Training Program web events for the SRB position, as well as chapter-hosted leadership training. Attends all professional chapter board meetings as a voting member and acts professionally and responsibly as an active board member. Serves as the liaison between the professional chapter, student chapters and student membership at-large and communicates regularly with all parties to include Student chapter presidents, Student chapter faculty advisors, Student chapter professional liaisons and Student affairs committee chair, and more.


Attends the ASID Leadership Training Program modules for student chapter presidents; leads student chapter; runs chapter meetings and events; represents student members and communicates directly with student representative to the board, SAC and ASID headquarters; works with ASID headquarters to ensure that all chapter members have paid membership dues; delegates responsibilities to chapter board members and committee chairs; and oversees strategic planning effort and reports to SRB and SAC.


Supports and works closely with the chapter president in all areas; prepares for and becomes president the following year; focuses on chapter internal and external communications; attends the ASID Leadership Training Program modules for student chapter presidents; and participates in strategic planning.


Keeps records of all meetings and events; works with ASID headquarters to ensure that all chapter members have paid membership dues; coordinates logistics of meetings and events; participates in strategic planning; and submits newly elected officer names to headquarters each term.


Receives and deposits all chapter funds into student chapter bank account; prepares chapter budget and makes financial reports to members; maintains accurate accounts of chapter events; participates in strategic planning; and works with faculty advisor on allocation of chapter rebate funds if any are earned.

Faculty Advisor

Selected by the student chapter board or by the school; ideally, but not required to be, an ASID member. Serves as advisor to the student chapter board; does not run the chapter, supervise the board or control chapter funds; promotes student chapter activities to the faculty and administration; suggests chapter programs by introducing industry professionals to students; stays informed of industry trends and issues; assists board with strategic planning; and attends meetings/events and makes himself/herself accessible to chapter board.

Committee Chairs

Appointed by board or elected by student members. Committees may include, but are not limited to: hospitality, programs, competitions, publicity, membership, fundraiser, newsletter, travel. Committees may be added or eliminated as the student chapter board deems necessary.

New Positions

Be creative and design new positions that may benefit your chapter’s success. A lot of student chapters have begun to assign a Social Media Director. Just a thought!

    Student Chapter Board

    As a board, it is important to review the following resources together at a kick-off meeting. These resources will provide a clear understanding of how to run an ASID student chapter, as well as setting and planning goals.