Mary Douglas Drysdale Signature Color Collection for Casart coverings

Mary Douglas Drysdale Federal Green Faux Linen Casart removable wallcovering
Federal Green Faux Linen

Location Washington, District Of Columbia
United States
Location: Washington, District Of Columbia
United States

Signature Colors by designer Mary Douglas Drysdale.
One of the most published designers in America and known as an innovator in the traditional style. Classical design, with the clean sensibility of modern thinking. Mary Douglas Drysdale is known for her highly decorative use of color. In this category she stands alone. The vividness of her color sense and her confident use of it, have made her name and the brilliant use of "chroma" synonymous. Casart Coverings and Mary Douglas Drysdale have worked to offer to the market a line of 10 of Mary's favorite colors; her Signature Colors. 
Only available through Casart Coverings, we offer the Drysdale color vision in two finishes, in our repositionable, removable and reusable wallcoverings.
Described as an "American Icon," learn more about Mary at