2009 Student Design Competition

Riley Dean, Student Member ASID
Winner of 2009 ASID Student Design Competition

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The 2009 Student Design Competition called on students to create a residential and commercial space for at-risk youths ages 10-17 who are in crisis. The Harbor House Youth Shelter provides short-term housing along with a healing and rehabilitating environment 24 hours a day, seven days a week at no cost to runaway, homeless, and abused youths.  In addition to the residential space, the shelter also house a sandwich/deli shop operated by the shelter occupants that is open to the public.

This year, ASID received an astounding 126 entries from ASID student members. The awards jury for the Student Design Competition comprised of Pat Kleutz, ASID; Steffany Hollingsworth, ASID; and Joshua Brewinski, Allied Member ASID all members of the Student Advisory Council (SAC). The jury approached the process in a manner similar to that of the evaluation of the NCDIQ practicum portion. The jury felt that all submissions received this year, had merit and demonstrated a solid effort.  The finalists and award winners were determined based on which entries defined the strongest concepts and demonstrated integration of those concepts most thoroughly in their designs while adhering to the submission requirements of the competition.  While no single entry went without infraction, the jury determined that any errors in the winning entries could be resolved through minor modifications.

After a difficult deliberation, the judges selected Riley Dean’s entry for The Harbor House Youth Shelter and Echo Café. Mr. Dean, an ASID Student Member since 2009, attends The Art Institute of Portland. The jury felt that Mr. Dean’s entry immediately stood out simply by virtue of its beautiful renderings.  The drawings created the initial impression; however, what truly distinguished this entry was the comprehensive execution of the design, and the very “user based” approach the designer used in his design decisions.  Every element of the design had purpose—each aspect of the design was intentionally executed to respond to the needs of the users.  Materials and finishes incorporated in the design aligned with its concept and also were contextually appropriate.  The annotated plans and elevations evidenced an extremely thoughtful design approach—no element of the design went unexplained or unjustified.  Mr. Dean’s design is exceptionally comprehensive, creative in concept, and beautifully executed and presented.

Asked how he felt to be the top prize winner he commented: “that winning the competition has boosted my self confidence as a designer and allowed me to feel that I can contribute to the real world of interior design. Winning was unexpected and it is a great honor not only for me but for my school and the incredible teachers who have helped develop my skills as a designer.”

Mr. Dean’s future plans after school will be to secure a position with a commercial design firm specializing in hospitality. He will also continue his education and earn a Master’s Degree in Interior Design with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture that will enable him to hopefully become an educator in design.

As the top prize winner, Mr. Dean receives a $2,000 monetary award and his winning design will be displayed on the ASID website and in Chicago at the annual NeoCon Conference.


Jessie Oliver, Student Member ASID
Honorable Mention, 2009 ASID Student Design Competition

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In addition to Mr. Dean as the top prize winner, the jury also announced Jessie Oliver of Virginia Tech and Amanda Foster of California State University – Sacramento as honorable mentions. The jury stated that Ms. Oliver’ very successful project is a great example of taking a metaphor and thoughtfully developing it into a tangible design.   Layer upon layer, the designer nicely used the elements and principle of line, shape and repetition to further the concept, and the color palette was well-developed and consistent.  The FF&E selections demonstrated a great clarity of concept.  The judges were impressed with the innovation exhibited in the design elements and the space planning, and were pleased to have included it as an honorable mention.

Amanda Foster, Student Member ASID
Honorable Mention, 2009 ASID Student Design Competition

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As the additional honorable mention, the jury was immediately taken by Ms. Foster’s creativity, well-executed concept and beautifully styled presentation.  Bold, nature-inspired elements and a functional layout create a comfortable and contextually appropriate design solution.  A combination of durable materials – both existing and new – eclectic furnishings, and a lively mix of color celebrate the diverse nature of Harbor House and its users.  Rounding out this submission, a series of striking perspectives tie all of the ideas together, bringing energy and life to the project.  A high level of detail is expressed in each of the rendered views, reinforcing the designer’s technical skills and awareness of the programmatic needs of the project.  Individuality, style, comfort, and togetherness are common themes throughout the entire design and presentation.  Wonderful job!

Again, we would like to congratulate and thank both students for participating in this year's competition.