2011 ASID Student Design Competition Winners






La Comunidad - Hannah Chessman, Student ASID from Virginia Tech  


Judge notes:

Here a whole world was created as a comprehensive solution to a big challenge. The visual and verbal narratives are both strong and credible; great design projects take the same, comprehensive approach. – Susan Szenasy, editor of Metropolis Magazine


The holistic approach to the design solution was thoughtful and inspiring. Not only was the space designed as a health conscious interior, but benefits to the community were realized as well. I was very impressed with the depth of research and application of broad based sustainable design concepts and the comprehensive manner in which the solution was communicated. This is an amazing project! -Barbara S. Marini FASID/IDEC




Envelop Women’s Boutique- Ashton Capps, Student ASID from Anderson University


Judge notes:

The organic design of Envelop is intriguing and stimulating at the same time; it entices engagement in a unique retail experience.  The universal design, sustainable elements and fluidness of the space create an exciting yet functional interior. -Barbara S. Marini FASID/IDEC




Sustainable Advertising and Media Company- Jennifer Boyd, Student ASID from Virginia Tech 


Judge notes:

A fresh, beautifully realized, inviting interior that is not only handsome but considers the health and wellbeing of its occupants who interact with each other as well as nature.  – Susan Szenasy, editor of Metropolis Magazine


A clever solution for an office interior that maximizes geography and natural forces to create a stimulating space!  The use of a sophisticated building shell connects the environment and architecture with the interior in a creative and innovative space. -Barbara S. Marini FASID/IDEC



Glimpse -Visualization Communication Center for the Blind and Seeing Impaired- Lauren Deffner, Student ASID from Ball State University


Judge notes:

Clear, precise, caring, and aware. An underserved population like the visually impaired cannot be relegated to those designers who only consider compliance the ADA, an important piece of civil rights legislation that needs some serious design attention. The visually impaired need a complete system of navigational tools that include textures, colors, and many different cues—which, by the way, are also helpful those who have 20/20 vision.  – Susan Szenasy, editor of Metropolis Magazine


This entry truly represents the impact of interior design on the human experience on several levels. One is the adaptive re-use of an existing structure, but more importantly the consideration of visually impaired individuals and the challenges faced in navigating interior space. This innovative design engages the five senses in a recreational learning center that speaks to sustainability and user needs while providing a “sense of space” for all types of individuals. It is a very thoughtfully executed design.  -Barbara S. Marini FASID/IDEC




2025+ House: A Half-way-came-true Dream- Chi T Nguyen, Student ASID from Savannah College of Art and Design – Atlanta.

Judge notes:

At times, when a designer possesses a complete vision, the rules need to be ignored. In this case, I was happy to see the designer take the plunge and show what might be possible in a world that has integrated the issues of sustainability within a whole system of forms, materials, spaces, and places. Envisioning the future can be provocative which can evoke new ways of thinking about what we expect of the built environment. – Susan Szenasy, editor of Metropolis Magazine