50 Strategies to Increase and Manage Your Cash Flow

50 Strategies That Work Equally Well in Good and Bad Times

Many business owners and executives, even those who have managed to stabilize sales and maintain profits, are having cash flow problems right now. It's understandable; an economic recession and uncertainties undermine the best of business plans and the most conservative projections. Take the time now to develop a comprehensive cash flow strategy of adjustments and changes tailored for your company and your industry that can be implemented quickly and easily whenever cash flow problems appear.

Part One in this Report is a catalog of ideas and suggestions on where to cut back and where to focus more attention. Use it also to position your company for maximum profitability. Part Two, through a case study, provides 6 examples on how to price your products to increase sales and profits. Other topics: Labor, inventory, product lines, capital expenditures, leasing vs. buying, cash controls, debt and refinancings, overhead, credit policies, expenses, and accounts receivable.