ASID Business Library

Everything old is new again. While technology becomes outdated and needs to be replaced every few years, sound business advice is timeless, staying relevant throughout the years.

This archive will be periodically updated with some of the best business articles that have been published in ICON. Practical, informative and just as valuable today as they were when they were first printed.

Another Satisfied Customer?
How much do you really know about what's important to your customers and how they feel about doing business with you? Customer satisfaction research may be the key that unlocks their secrets.

Collecting on Slow Accounts
Is your cash flow suffering because of overdue invoices? If your clients aren't paying on time, here are ways to rev up your accounts receivable while safeguarding your client relationships.

Does Marketing Pay?
You know that promoting your firm is important, but how do you know which marketing efforts are proving most profitable, or whether certain tactics are paying off at all?

Equitable Internships
Determined to make the most of your firm's internships? Then ask not what interns can do for your firm, but what you can do for your interns!

Interview Intelligence
Hiring the right people in a tight job market involves both “buying” talent and “selling” your company. The interview is your best opportunity to make sure the fit is right.

Size Doesn't Matter
Big is not always better, but a small company must think – and act – large.

Survive the Winds of Change
Written from the perspective of preparing for a bad economy, the strategies in this article are still effective ways to weather the downturn.

Two's Company
Whether you're looking to retain a talented employee, infuse some needed capital into your business or expand into a new area, the right partner can be a godsend.

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