ASID Business Library Series

ASID has teamed up with The Business Library® to meet the needs of our members by providing answers to their most important business concerns and questions. Get expert advice on the issues, problems and challenges that most affect your business and personal finances. Designed to help you save money, protect what you have accumulated, and build more wealth, each report is a comprehensive, self-contained solution center.

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50 Strategies to Increase and Manage Your Cash Flow
Strategies that work equally well both in good and bad times to increase cash flow today, with a Case Study on increasing sales and profits. (25 pages)
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Assessing a Business' Health and Profitability
Includes two Case Studies, financial spread sheet, and a comparative analysis of an actual company to help you put it all together. (30 pages)
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20 Ways to Build Your Retirement Fund
Includes ways to increase your retirement income, how to prepare a Retirement Cash Flow Model and make up deficits to meet your retirement needs, with tools to project how much you will have based on additional contributions, savings rate, and how long that money will last. (31 pages)
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Profiling and Presenting Your Company to the World
To help you prepare a complete company profile, a vital tool for financing, valuing, and selling a business, and to identify new opportunities for growth and improved profitability. Includes a comprehensive Case Study of an actual business. (60 pages)
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Employment Contracts: When to Offer and What to Include
Employment agreements can prevent misunderstandings and costly problems. This Report offers key provisions to include, cautions on firing, and a sample Employment Offer and Employment Agreement. (40 pages)
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Renting and Leasing Properties: For Both Tenants and Landlords
What to know, how to uncover the risks of a lease, negotiating ideas, big-dollar questions to ask, provisions to guard against, providing for future needs, purchase option, and a glossary of rental terms. (17 pages)
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Your Compensation, Benefits, and Retirement Money
A detailed review of benefit options, retirement plans, tax deductions, and ways to set aside more money for retirement. (21 pages)
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Analyzing Your Own Business or One You Want to Buy or Invest In
Over 100 questions to ask, 14 mistakes to avoid, and all the areas to analyze when evaluating another business you are thinking of buying or investing in, or when positioning your own business for growth, financing, or potential sale. (19 pages)
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Cash Flow: Know Its Value When Buying, Selling, or Expanding
How to ensure that any investment today makes economic sense for the future. Includes two Case Studies as a buyer and as a seller: What is the desired return? And what should the net cash inflow be to obtain that return? (18 pages)
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Your Investments: 44 Action Alerts to Use Today and Throughout the Year
A comprehensive guide with 44 action alerts and facts to use today, minimize capital gain taxes, maximize tax savings from investment losses, increase investment income, and reduce portfolio risk. (33 pages)
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Selling Your Business: How to Negotiate the Best Deal
An in-depth Reference Manual that answers the many questions you should ask when selling, buying or investing in a business. It contains five case studies on how other owners cashed in and valued the sale/purchase price. Also included: A comprehensive glossary of 127 valuation and financial concepts and terms, and a section on how a potential buyer looks at and analyzes a business, using a checklist of 106 questions arranged by category . (135 pages)
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About The Business Library

The reports and manuals in The Business Library have been produced and are updated continuously by an editorial and research staff with an average experience of 30 years in helping business owners, executives and their families better manage their businesses and individual finances.

The principal author of The Business Library is Thomas J. Martin, President and Publisher of MW Business Solutions, Inc., Eastport, New York, which he founded in 1974. Martin has written more than 900 articles, authored 4 books on valuing, selling and buying a business, published 5 newsletters, prepared 6 seminar/workshop programs, and has presented hundreds of workshops for business owners and executives on many of the subjects covered in The Business Library. He also was a college professor, lender, and investment banker.