ASID Guide to Ecolabels

Deciphering the programs that benchmark ecological sustainability can be confusing and overwhelming. ASID, in conjunction with its national Sustainable Design Council, developed this Guide to help interior designers navigate the plethora of ecolabels and certifications for building materials and interior finishes, furniture, fixtures, and equipment. The Guide, intended to be used as an initial reference when examining sustainability assertions, compares key features of the most prevalent ecolabels currently used in the U.S. While this Guide is an excellent first step, it is strongly recommended that designers scrutinize any programs’ standards and criteria in full to determine credibility and pertinence.

Information provided in the Guide is based on open source data available and in place as of June 2011. Recognizing that programs are revised on a regular basis, the Guide will be updated annually to reflect changes in standards and emergence of new ecolabel programs. Plans are already underway to expand the scope of this guide and incorporate additional sections such as building certifications and individual credentialing.

ASID would like the Guide to be as helpful, beneficial, and user-friendly as possible, so your feedback is welcome. If you have comments, content clarifications, or suggestions for additional features, please contact

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