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Society shows how design can lead to a safe, healthy home

WASHINGTON, D.C. (April 28, 2008) – The American Society of Interior Designers with Massachusetts-based award-winning interior designer Lisa Bonneville, FASID, announces the release of The Safe Home. Developed for the design professional, the publication is the first commissioned by the Society to provide an in-depth look at how design and safety need to go hand in hand. Every homeowner has a unique set of needs and every designer has a unique style. The Safe Home shows how the two can work together.

Although not obvious to everyone, interior designers have a responsibility to address public health in their design solutions on all projects.  Much goes on behind the scenes to protect the homeowner from avoidable safety hazards. In fact, three of the top five causes of injury occur in the home and the number one cause of death among infants and toddlers are preventable household accidents. Interior designers can help lower these statistics through good design. Whether it’s baby-proofing a nursery or preventing accidents in the kitchen, arming a house with safety does not mean sacrificing style. A home can be inviting, attractive, functional and safe. For example, did you know floor tile in the kitchen can be installed around the counters in a way that also serves as way finding?

“Safety is an issue that affects us at every stage of our lives,” says Bonneville. “Today’s homes are more technologically complex, and we bring items into our homes every day that can affect our health or lead to injury. Indeed, there are countless safety elements to consider that can enhance the resident’s quality of life and protect them from danger.”

According to the book, design plans should tackle three areas of home safety: health, injury and security. Safe Home addresses each of these components room by room. Maintaining safety is an ongoing process, even after the project is finished. The book outlines ways to achieve continued safety and includes instructions on setting up a maintenance plan the homeowner can easily follow.

The Safe Home may be purchased at the online book center on the ASID web site ( If media would like more details on the book or to schedule an interview with Lisa Bonneville, contact

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