The Beauty of White Feathered Plaster

when elegance is due, Venetian Plaster
Feathered White Venetian Plaster


Private Residence(s) Highland Park, Texas
United States
Private Residence(s) Highland Park, Texas
United States

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Formal Entry:  What is special about this application, which is not delivered in the photo, is that we feathered layers of several white tones to create a blended plaster. White venetian plaster can be difficult to achieve depth and movement with. By blending colors I was able to create a look that was not stark, but rather lend itself to the marble floors and trim. 
Dining Room: boasts a beautiful plaster ceiling. There were a variety of ways to break the honeycomb apart and introduce color and gilding. We illustrated several options on an actual life size piece so that the client and designer could determine the best look for the exquisite ceiling. I would love to do another one!
Master Bedroom: When decorative hand detailing is due, we work diligently to deliver the highest level of refinement. High-Italian painting in the grotessca style grace the cabinetry, with complimenting designs on and around the coffered ceiling. 
Workout Room: This fun wall is full of color and energy. Each piece was stained or painted to achieve a worn look without the fear of lead or other hazardous issues with real reclaimed wood. We have more designs with wood. If you are picky about color, and safety, consider this as alternative to scavenging for wood. A few unique pieces that are found can easily be incorporated to fit.