Business Support and Training

You know that promoting your firm is important, but how do you know which marketing efforts are proving most profitable, or whether certain tactics are paying off at all?

The easiest and best way to find out is to ask. Whenever someone calls with a business inquiry, whether a prospective client or a vendor, ask them how they heard about you. If you receive a referral from a previous client, ask what the client said about you. Check with family members, friends and business associates whether they recall seeing your ad, your blogor the column you wrote for the local newspaper.

The following nonprofit organizations provide information, education and training, assistance and other forms of support to business owners and operators.

Small Business Administration Planners, services, tools and resources to help you start, grow and manage a business

SBA Library & Resources

Small Business Development Centers Management assistance to current and prospective small business owners

SCORE Business advice for small business owners (business tools; how-to's and tips

American Management Association Offers business education and management development programs. A list of seminars and courses-including self-study and e-learning courses-can be found on AMA's Web site.

American Small Businesses Association Provides information, benefits and resources to support small business owners.

National Business Association Non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and educating the small business community and the self-employed. NBA's Web site offers information and advice on starting and growing a small business.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce The world's largest not-for-profit business federation. U.S. Chamber offers, an online resource for small businesses.

Demographics USA Marketing statistics for business