Career Development Resources

It takes lifelong learning to continue to advance and grow in your career.  Staying on top of the latest trends and advances in interior design is critical. So are having a plan for your career and taking the necessary steps to meet your goals.

To begin we have several resources for the graduating student and new professional. Over the next several months watch this section for additional resources for different stages of a design career.


Resume Emails on the Rise

At a time when graduating students and emerging professionals are electronically sending their resumes to prospective employers, fraudulent emails requesting employment consideration have been detected. Several ASID members have received such emails, in which the resume attachments contain viruses that may damage your computer. Take the necessary steps to separate your resume from fraudulent requests. ASID recommends that you:

  • call in advance and introduce yourself, confirming you have all of the recipient's correct contact information
  • send a personalized email versus a generic message which isn't addressed to anyone
  • send a preliminary email to have your contact added into their address book, but to also ensure the recipient knows your next email will be one with valuable information
  • request some form of confirmation that your email was received, even if it's just a ‘Thank you.' If they are expecting this from you and don't see it in their inbox, they will know to check the Spam folder in case you were blocked.

ASID also offers an interactive guide for emerging professionals to use as a tool when preparing to embark on your career, Mapping Your Future. You can download this PDF and it's free for all members!