Colorful condo project


Birmingham Alabama
United States
Colorful condo in pink and orange is grounded by white and accented with a turquoise rug. Upholstered ottomans in varied patterns expand the seating in this small space.
The pink and orange contemporary bohemian condo
Birmingham Alabama
United States

The focus of this space was to make a modern contemporary condo feel warm and inviting. The buzz words I used as my focus came from the client "contemporary" and "bohemian" as well as the phrase "I have decided that pink is empowering." From those thoughts- inviting, bohemian, pink, I looked at textures to soften the space and a mix of contemporary and ethnic patterns in pinks and oranges to create the bohemian vibe.

There are also a number of design solutions in this space. The client entertains and needs a space that will accommodate people in this small space. She had previously used stools, which were is great condition. The solution was to add a fourth stool and find a coffee table that the stools could live under when not in use. Ideally, the table would be glass and the stools would be covered in fabrics that support the buzzwords. The ever so touchable sofa is actually a sleeper sofa. Perfect for those out of town guests.
Second design solution in this space is the bookcase. With a growing collection of cookbook, this food editor needed to go vertically with her book collection. Until now, she was lining the walls of the condo with books like literary baseboards. However, as the wall space started to diminish, going vertical with the stack of books echo her design aesthetic of the baseboards on books and emphasis the height in the space. Additionally, she has future options to add more vertical bookcases as the collection grows.
Third design solution also relates to entertaining. She expressed interest in a chalkboard in the space, for menus, tasting results, etc. And, she had this great wall that was nicely framed and perfect as a chalk-able space. I located a company that offers colored chalkboard paints and a stencil in a Moroccan lace pattern. We created an entire wall that can be a chalkboard, including the stenciled area- creating a design trifecta.
I remember a painted from art history class in college of a sultan and his harem, they were all sitting on a mix of various red carpets. That feeling of varied patterns in a tonal collection added depth and richness to a space. FLOR carpeting carries a number of patterns that mixes of old world carpet patterns and tonal and a tonal ways. We went with a light turquoise that looks great with the pink and orange, as well as cleans up easy.
As pattern plays a major role in this space, scale also plays a large role. The fabrics on the ottomans are all stand alone prints in their own rights. So, the key to combining them is scale and balance! Two fabrics have white backgrounds and two or only pink and orange, by focusing on the overall of these prints and seeing them in pairs, the bold prints still play well together.
As a LEED-AP, I always look for ways to honor the tenets of green design, this space is no exception. The carpet is recycled fibers that can easily be recycled again. The wood frame of the sleeper sofa in FSC certified as sustainable grown wood. Reusing her ottomans by recovering them, saved them from adding to the landfill. Additionally the floor to ceiling windows create natural lighting with a partial wall allowing deep natural light in the space. I did not want to imped the natural light nor the sight lines into the next room by adding heavy art above the chalkboard wall.