Community Service Project of the Year

ASID Announces the Winners of the 2013 ASID Student Chapter Awards

The ASID Student Chapter Awards are given to outstanding student members and chapters responsible for promoting the ASID student member experience as an enriching learning tool for future interior designers. The 2013 winners and honorable mentions include:

Community Service Project of the Year

ASID UCLA Extension Student Chapter The Amanda Foundation, renovation for a non-profit animal rescue facility







Over the course of nine months, the ASID ULCA Extension Student Chapter board defined the scope and scale to give back to the Amanda Foundation, a non-profit animal rescue facility. Located in a former carriage house in the Beverly Hills Fire Department, the early 1900s building was in a state of disrepair. After consultations with the staff and volunteers, the project was brought to life with 3-D renderings which visually enhanced the specification of color palette, flooring, wallcovering, hardware and furnishings. The four-week renovation provided the animal rescue facility with fresh laminate flooring, glistening sconces, a quart countertop and well-appointed wallcovering that transformed every aspect of the former lobby. The improved functionality of the inviting lobby impacts approximately 1,100 individuals who frequent the Foundation each month. For a complete overview, please click here.

“A well-planned and executed project. ULCA Extension really showcased the whole gamut of design, and considered the client needs and wants.” – Laura Kimball, ASID

“UCLA Extension’s project showed all phases of design. They followed through with evaluations and commented on the user’s space as practicing interior designers. Very impressive!” – Lisa Adams, ASID


Honorable Mention
ASID University of Nevada Student Chapter The Salvation Army, renovation to improve the Salvation Army’s public space







The ASID University of Nevada Student Chapter teamed up with the Salvation Army’s food bank to improve their current lobby. The space is used as a waiting room for low-income guests who are receiving food donations and other family services. Being the initial guest experience, the student chapter felt that it was important for this space to be bright, vibrant and cheerful — a reflection of the Salvation Army's can-do attitude. This is an ongoing project that will involve more coordination and planning in the coming months; students are scheduled to meet with community leaders and organizers to begin implementing their interior design proposal. Through the power of interior design, they hope to make someone’s experience a little brighter as they struggle through hard times. Review more of their renovation story and renderings by clicking here.

Wonderful renderings! I liked that they responded to the client’s request.” – Mary Katherine Crouch, ASID, CID, LEED AP

“Well-proposed, spoke the interior design language and provided remarkable improvement to the organization.” – Laura Kimball, ASID