Days and Nights in Decartia

Click On, Click Off, Days and Nights in Decartia
by Mark McCauley, ASID
May 27, 2008
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Follow the adventures of four sisters—DB, Begoo, Erica and "The Becky"—as they mysteriously travel, or rather "fall," into another world. Decartia is a world turned inside out; grass is made of carpeting, and the seas are of glass. They visit the Art Orchard in which they encounter the artists Van Gogh and Toulouse Lautrec as they attempt to find a route back to earth and home, for "Home is where the Art is." Their first experience is with King Bowwowhaus and Queen Anne of the Chair Leg Forest, where they meet the Crown Prince Mice Van der Road, who escorts them on their perilous trip to the kingdom of the Queen of Clean and the King of Crimson. To return home, the four must perform a "selfless act." Their adventures finally lead them to Diamond Island to battle the evil sorcerer ForMal deHyde, to attempt to free the imprisoned Pouf Princess.