Design for Active Aging

Older adults today are healthier, better educated and more active than at any time in history.  In addition to beautiful design, they want living spaces that support their active lifestyles--spaces that are easy to use and move about in, and easy to maintain; that are adaptable to multiple uses; that are great for socializing and entertaining; and that are cost, energy and environmentally conscious.  Some also face challenges performing some normal activities of daily living and require environments that can accommodate their special needs.

What Is Design for Active Aging?

Designing for Acoustics, Hearing and Aging 

Design for Aging and Green Design: They’re More Alike Than You Think!

Design for Aging--How Not to Do It

Benefits of Universal Design Model Homes

Coming Alive with Good Design

Designing for All - The First Steps

Remove Barriers to Improve Quality of Life

Sustainable Design Begins with Universal Design

Wellness Priorities for Senior Living Communities

Providing Lighting for Older Clients

How to Market Design for Active Aging

Is Design for Aging Right for You?

Understanding the Aging Markets

Getting Started to Design for Aging

Developing Leads to Older Consumers

Marketing for Design for Active Aging

Stealth Marketing to "Aging" Clients

Build a Better Client Pool

Connecting Boomers and Universal Design

Communicating With Your Clients to Get the Information You Need

Working in Senior Time