Designer's Guide to Doing Research

Designers Guide to Doing Research

John Wiley & Sons

by Sally Augustin and Cindy Coleman

January 2012

The Designer's Guide to Doing Research serves as an introductory guide on the general concepts and processes that define "good" research. Organized logically with the practical tools necessary to obtain research for all facets of the designer's workflow, this book offers:

  • Material written in an accessible format specifically for practitioners
  • Reliable content by experienced authors—a noted environmental psychologist and an interior design educator who is also a practitioner and writer
  • Tools for planning, executing, and utilizing research presented in an easy-to-follow format along with case studies, sources, and applications.

Written for all practices and people concerned with the built environment, from architects and interior designers to facility managers, landscape architects, and urban planners, this book serves as an invaluable starting point for gathering and implementing research effectively.

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