Space Matters

Discover the value of working with an Interior Designer. Learn how ASID designers address the common questions and the interior design process. Watch now!

Discover the Value of Working with an Interior Designer.

Watch these videos to learn how ASID designers address the most common questions that consumers have regarding the interior design process.

At ASID, we know how overwhelming the interior design process can be for consumers and that you may have questions. We’re here to help you navigate the process.

What is interior design?

"Interior design is about life... it’s about how we move through space, how we live, how we enjoy things, everything we do—we are affected by our environment." — Sheryl T. McLean, Allied ASID


Find an Interior Designer

The best place for designer referrals is the ASID website, please visit the ASID Designer Referral Service to locate a designer in your area.


What to expect when working with an ASID interior designer.

"The relationship between an interior designer and client is one of trust and hopefully also fun. It should be a great experience for the client." — Sharon McCormick, Allied ASID


ASID interior designers are problem solvers.

Whether you’re trying to determine if there’s enough space to include extra storage, or you’re planning for a parent to move in with you, your ASID designer will help you realize — and achieve — the best solutions to customize your space.

Whether you’re designing a new home or updating a current one, our designers are here to help you realize your dreams.

Hire an ASID designer … and experience the possibilities!

People. Places. Possibilities.