Developing Marketing Tools

The marketing process to build your brand requires some tools, including the following.

Your portfolio must tell a visual story of your finest work. Use the best photography you can get. Treat it like art. Package it in a way that makes a statement about your brand. Take a hard look at your photography:  Does it reflect the quality of your brand?

Your brand deserves a Web site. It must reflect your professional stature and conform to the brand stature that affluent clients expect. (Translation:  better than most sites you see.) It must make visitors want to return. Get creative about the digital side of life. How can people learn about you on the Web? How can you connect more directly using the Web? Can you afford NOT to be there? What does your Web site say about your brand?

Your brand has a story to tell. Look for ways to get media attention in outlets that speak to the affluent clients you want to attract. Learn about and connect to the editorial people in your local market. Barter some design services with a talented PR executive, or author articles your self.

Printed collateral materials include a business card someone would want to keep. And have a digital version to send with an e-mail.

A personal note card bespeaks your sophistication. Use them as leave-behinds and dashed, personal greetings on "big days" or when a client is in the news.  Create the impression "My designer is thinking of me ... and I will never forget..."

Brochures tell your story quickly, visually and at the same level of quality as the products you'd specify for affluent clients.  Literature is your tool for referrals and for power networking.

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