Eco-friendly furniture

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Urban Furniture Collection


Design Emergency Products 33140 Miami, Florida
United States
Design Emergency Products 33140 Miami, Florida
United States

The collection "URBAN FURNITURE" is the result of extensive experience in design.
In order to contribute to the conservation of the planet, the collection is made with discarded items taken from the urban landscape which have been reused and recycled.
A new image identifies the collection due to the bold form and great colorful of this furniture.
To easy movement on open spaces, the conventional legs have been replaced by Industrial castors, bringing at the same time it is emphasized the urban and innovative character of the collection.
The material used for the upholstery, taken from the highway billboards, is not biodegradable, and until now their only destination was to increase the volume of landfill once have lost their effect. This condition, however, it becomes positive once are used in the manufacture of this furniture that fully resist outdoor conditions without fading or breaking.
The sizes of these billboards not allow repeat the print elements thereof in small areas according to the furniture sizes. That is why each piece is unique and unrepeatable.
In summary, this collection, in addition to eco-friendly, durable, colorful and funny, is composed by real masterpieces that highlight the prestige of the holder.