Environmental Scanning & Strategic Planning

ASID Environmental Scanning Report
Prepared annually as part of the Society's strategic planning process, this report looks at large-scale trends and developments in the spheres of economics, politics, society, technology and the environment, as well as within the A&D sectors of the building industry.  Download the current ASID Environmental Scanning Report (PDF).

Strategic Planning
Strategic planning differs from operational planning.  It focuses on understanding external forces that may impact your business now and in the future and then devising strategies for how to take advantage of developing opportunities or avoid encroachment on your market by others. Here's a process to make strategic planning useful without being too time-consuming or onerous.

Interior Design in the New Economy:  Lessons Learned from the Great Recession
The information in this document is drawn from the experiences and insights of a group of ASID Fellows who recently participated in a discussion on the topic of how the recent economic recession has affected their interior design businesses and how business models and practices will need to change to stay competitive and profitable in the “new economy” that will emerge during the period of economic recovery.  These individuals represent a wide range of design specialties, business types and professional experience.  Many are principals in their firms and have weathered previous economic downturns during their careers. The strategies they shared may help other interior design professionals succeed in the months ahead. Download Interior Design in the New Economy (PDF) to read their insights.