Expanding Your Network

Some call it networking.  It's really more powerful than that. You can reach from one to many-more prospective clients by: co-hosting a party with your current client to showcase your work; lecturing to a group that may include prospects; volunteering at targeted social events; joining the right professional organizations; collaborating with non-competitive professionals.

You know who your next clients are; they are only a "few degrees of separation" away, if you ask:

  • your former or current best clients who want you to succeed
  • your network of other professionals, such as realtors, architects, builders, etc.
  • your local media contacts who ask you for your views on design.

Prospective clients also value referrals that come from one-to-some, those who provide services to people like them, such as art consultants, realtors, personal shoppers, architects, event planners, developers/builders, landscapers, caterers, financial planners. What could they all have in common? The same client—and your next client.

Prospective clients can also be found by establishing a boutique studio in just the right locale, taking the stage for a show house, asking for suggestions from the showrooms, getting published, and other creative ways to be out there in a wider circle of influence.

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