The Fellows Project

Members of the ASID College of Fellows, the highest honor bestowed upon an ASID member, have demonstrated significant service to the Society and professional achievements in the industry. The ASID Fellows Project provides emerging professionals with prime advice on building and sustaining a successful career in design. The highlight reel below will take you through inspiring stories and advice that will push you to do more in the interior design profession. You can also choose a specific ASID Fellow to watch and receive their advice, or choose a specific question below to learn from all the fellows who responded.




Lisa Henry, FASID, LEED AP

Barbara Marini, FASID

Sonya Dufner, FASID

Sandy Gordon, FASID, LEED AP

Sonya Odell, FASID



By Question:

  1. Power of Design
  2. I wish someone told me that.
  3. What role has involvement with ASID played in your career?
  4. What inspires you as a new designer?
  5. What role has involvement with ASID played in your career?
  6. The Best Advice I was given!
  7. Survival Strategies!
  8. Traits you need to succeed.
  9. Something else you would like to try?
  10. How did you arrive at your specialty?
  11. Leave profession due to layoffs...
  12. How can volunteerism enhance your experience as a designer?
  13. What special qualities does a design industry leader have?
  14. Did you have a mentor as a new designer?