Fundraiser of the Year

ASID Announces the Winners of the 2013 ASID Student Chapter Awards

The ASID Student Chapter Awards are given to outstanding student members and chapters responsible for promoting the ASID student member experience as an enriching learning tool for future interior designers. The 2013 winners and honorable mentions include:

Fundraiser of the Year

ASID Northern Virginia Community College Student Chapter | The Great Chair Challenge, renovated chairs to auction for chapter operating funds












The Great Chair Challenge was a combination of student design exhibition, networking with the community and silent auction. The fundraiser stemmed from the idea of a contest where students could “flex their creative muscles” by taking derelict and discarded landfill-bound chairs and have chapter members rehabilitate them into beautiful new chairs or art pieces for auction. Each student was provided a chair in October 2012 and had to complete their renovation and turn them in by January 2013 at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton. The chairs were put on display by the Center’s curator and judged by a distinguished panel of industry professionals and a local artist. The funds from the silent auction went directly to the chapter to fund future events for the student chapter and the community. To read the full story and check out the renovated chairs, click here.

“Great idea! A well-conceived fundraiser that used design as their tool.” – Lisa Adams, ASID

“Impressive from organization to execution! Not only was the project design-oriented, it was a great learning experience for the chapter in which they shared their strategic goals to build a strong second year.” – Laura Kimball, ASID

“Great way to get their chapter members involved and exhibit their design skills.” – Mary Katherine Crouch, ASID, CID, LEED AP