Main objective is to brand our restaurant and engaged a recognizable theme. The architectural design can bring the client into the space but would not overcome food or service that is below the guest's expectation. This project shows a typical model of a three-way relationship of food to service to atmosphere.
First to start off initiating the basic concepts based on the cuisine, the delivery and the owner's goals. Applied the concepts of Fend Shui to the layout and worked with oriental style furniture and lighting.The goal was not only to make a design that respected the tenets of the ancient Chinese philosophy, but that actually expressed them in three dimensions. This project narrowed the focus to the expression of the five elements. Space was divided according to the typical grid of Feng Shui and held to the materials and colors that were appropriate for the direction on the grid. For example, the concept of "metal" supported by "earth" was implied in the dinning area, metallic framework with soft browns furniture and off whites accented with silver. The colorful lantern lighting interpret the idea of good fortune and reunion.