Hotel Revolution: 21st Century Hotel Design

John Wiley & Sons

by Howard Watson

November 2005

For the first time, Hotel Revolution draws together the new concepts of luxury that are central to 21st-century life, highlighting radical, exciting and exquisite designs that leave the now diluted concept of the boutique hotel in their wake. Hotel design has reached a new peak of innovation in recent years, providing a prism for our understanding of culture, style and desire. Using beautiful photographs, Howard Watson reassesses the diversity of hotel design in the wake of the rise of the boutique hotel, exploring new projects from many of the world’s greatest designers and architects.

The cultural importance of hotel design has never been greater, becoming the mirror to our aspirations and the fulcrum for innovation in architecture and design. With a blossoming interest in eco-resorts, spas and retreats, we now see hotels as both the leaders of style and as the antidote to the negative aspects of modern life. - Wiley