Industry Partner Membership

Industry Partner Membership

Chapter involvement is key!

The most important step for your membership is to get involved with your chapter. The success of your Industry Partner membership depends on your involvement. Some chapter events include lunch and learns, expos, seminars, and design forums. Attending chapter meetings and events is a great way to start networking with interior designers and other Industry Partners, and a crucial step in making your membership successful. As an Industry Partner, you also have the opportunity to sponsor and host local events.

Remember these tips:  

  • Contact info for all Chapters can be found on the website in the Chapter locator.
  • Chapter events are where networking begins. Check your chapter calendar for interesting events to attend and participate in.  If the chapter events calendar is missing any activities that your company could assist in hosting, be sure to reach out and offer your assistance or ideas.
  • Reach out to the Chapter Administrator to inquire about activities and events, ask about opportunities to showcase your products and services, and begin to create some buzz!  

Highlight your brand

ASID designers support the companies that invest in the organization and its mission, so one great benefit offered to Industry Partners is promotion of your brand as one who supports the Society.

At the national level, here are some benefits that come with you membership that allow you to highlight your brand:

  • Product Finder – The Product Finder is a sourcing guide associated with the national website, that members reference when looking for products.  Members and nonmembers can be part of this guide for a fee, and a basic listing is provided free to you as a new National Industry Partner.  Contact Multiview if an expanded listing is desired.
  • National Industry Partner Profile – This profile is an exclusive benefit offered only to members who are National Industry Partners. It contains an expanded profile of your company (roughly 75 words) along with a link to your site and a hi-res image that’s at least 3X3 and 300 dpi. 
  • ASID Advantage – The ASID Advantage page, for ASID members-only, provides designers easy access to information on any to-the-trade program you offer. This is a great way to augment your email marketing outreach, and share information on your trade offerings.
  • Print and digital – Additional opportunities for both print and digital advertising at the national level are available at a discount by contacting Tom Davies

At the local chapter level, there are additional opportunities:

  • Make sure your company is listed in the chapter directories. Each chapter has a directory, some print and some digital. Make sure that your company’s contact information is current and correct. If updates are needed, you can use your account login to make desired updates.
  • Be sure to also look into advertising in the chapter newsletter, hosting an event at your store or showroom, sponsoring events, and using the chapter mailing list to help connect with area designers. Contact your Chapter Administrator for more details.

Flaunt your affiliation!

As an ASID Industry Partner, you have access and the ability to use the ASID Industry Partner logo for marketing purposes. The ASID Industry Partner logo allows you to promote your membership, as well as signify your commitment to the design industry. This logo can be used on print pieces such as business cards, advertisements and flyers, and also on digital pieces including your company website or promotional emails.

To access the ASID Industry Partner logo, simply login to using your login and password and select "IP Logos." There is selection of color and black and white images in both .jpg and .eps formats to choose to download.

Please be aware the ASID Industry Partner logo is considered a "sub-brand" of the ASID brand identity system. As such, it is important that the logo be used according to the set guidelines and is not be modified in any way. To view these guidelines please download the Style Guide for Using the ASID Industry Partner Logo, listed directly above the logos.

In addition, ASID Industry Partner members may use ASID in their appellations in the following format:

ABC Company, Industry Partner ASID or
ABC Company, Industry Partner of the American Society of Interior Designers
*The membership designations must be spelled out completely. (Note: "of the American Society of Interior Designers" may be substituted for "ASID"). No modification or deviation is permitted.

Utilize ASID online tools

As an ASID Industry Partner member, you can access use of and explore the site. A source of membership information, marketing tools, social media platforms, and industry news, serves many purposes and can be a great tool including these features.

  • My ASID:  Login online to update your membership contact information. You can also access the ASID IP logo to use for your marketing needs. Industry Partner main representatives can login to update company information including, adding and deleting representatives, changing your company products and description, and uploading the company logo for the logo rotator, as well as paying membership dues.
  • Knowledge Center: Gain access to professional interior design news, research and information on topics such as, sustainable design, business and technology, aging and accessibility and the design profession.
  • ASID ICON Online: In addition to the hard copy version each rep will receive, the Society’s quarterly magazine, ASID ICON, can also be found online in digital format.  ASID ICON  presents editorial content on the leading industry issues, including sustainability, universal design, design specialties, business practices, and how to market and grow your business.
  • Job Bank: Have a job opening? The ASID Job Bank can be a great source for posting and finding jobs within the industry. All National Industry Partners receive 2 free postings annually.
  • LinkedIn: A professional media networking tool used to help Industry Partners make better use of their professional network of peers by connecting virtually to get news, participate in group discussions, and continue to build their industry peer circle. To create a profile on LinkedIn go to their webpage, Once you have your profile, please visit the ASID Industry Partner group and request to join ASID's Industry Partner group.