What Is InformeDesign®?

InformeDesign is an evidence-based Web site that houses an extensive database of easy-to-read Research Summaries written for designers of the built environmentinterior designers, architects, landscape architects, urban designers, planners, graphic designers, code officials and policy makers. With funding from ASID, the site was created and is operated by the University of Minnesota.

Why InformeDesign?

Launched in January 2003, InformeDesign is a tool to engage in evidence-based design. Its mission is to facilitate designers' use of current, research-based information as a decision-making tool in the design process, thereby integrating research and practice.

What Kind of Research Can Be Found on InformeDesign?

Research is gathered from a wide range of disciplines that have a connection to design and human behavior, found in articles published in over 200 scholarly journals. The site offers many services and products to help you practice evidence-based design, build your knowledge through continuing education or advance your career.  You have FREE access to:

  • Research Summaries, 2 to 3 pages of bulleted information based on research findings; over 2,000 are available and added weekly
  • Implications, a monthly newsletter written by notable researchers or practitioners about a design or human behavior issue of interest
  • Web Casts, Productions recorded by experts from various fields that enable you to learn on your own schedule, for continuing/professional education credits, or for your personal knowledge
  • Calendar, research-related conferences, seminars, and other events are identified to enable you to plan your learning experiences a year in advance
  • Research 101, a continuing education course that addresses terminology and methods
  • Online courses, a curriculum of continuing and professional education opportunities (InStore)
  • MyInformeDesign, a personal folder created by you to save and organize Research Summaries related to your projects or areas of interestEmail notifications, announcements of Implications, and new Research Summaries as determined by your self-selected areas of interest
  • Google Mini, an advanced search option that allows you to explore InformeDesign’s full content such as Research Summaries, Glossary, Web Casts, Implications, and Calendar in a single step via a keyword search (from Constant Contact e-mail)
  • InformeDesign Research Desk, a new service that creates customized publications for organizations, firms, and individuals outlining evidence-based design criteria on design issues of interest (e.g., acoustics in schools). For more information, please contact InformeDesign® via the Web:

Did You Know . . .  Over 65,000 Research Summaries are read monthly by users around the globe? InformeDesign transforms research into an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format for interior designers, architects, landscape architects, graphic designers, housing specialists, urban designers and planners, and the public.The site has over 2,100 Research Summaries, and new Research Summaries are added every month.

Recently Added Research Summaries

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Implications is a monthly newsletter written by notable researchers or practitioners about a design or human behavior issue of interest.

Current Issue: Solid State Lighting Design Consideration
Design considerations for solid state lighting (SSL)  are highlighted in the new issue of Implications, a research newsletter on design and human behavior produced by InformeDesignÒ ( The article outlines the current state of solid state lighting (SSL) in the design industry and considers the design benefits and challenges related to designing with SSL. 

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Funding for InformeDesign

This revolutionary project would not be possible without financial support. As you engage in evidence-based design applying knowledge gained from using InformeDesign, be sure to thank the entities responsible for making this concept a reality. Also, please consider making a tax deductible gift to the University of Minnesota Foundation in support of InformeDesign.

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