Interior Design Business Lifecycle

If you are looking to start, strengthen or grow your business,  you need to understand at what stage in the business lifecycle your firm is now.  Different stages present different challenges and require different knowledge and skills to manage effectively.

We created this guide, The Life Stages of an Interior Design Business, to help prepare you to take that next step, whatever it might be.  For each stage in the lifecycle, you'll find a list of actions to take to address critical business issues related to planning, marketing, finance, operations and human resources, legal, and organizational structure. 

At the end of the guide, you will find a list of resources where you can get the information and help you need to master each busines area. 

To get started, download the interactive guide (PDF). When you click on a circle, it will take to you that stage in the lifecyle. Click on the "ASID Resources" circle at the bottom of each page to access the resource directory. Or, you can scroll or page through the PDF normally. You can also print out pages as needed.