2015 Comprehensive Legislative Financial Aid Application

Thank you for your interest in the American Society of Interior Designers Legislative Financial Aid program. By submitting an application you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the rules and basic policies established for this program by ASID and that you will abide by these policies.

This application is the first item required to complete the financial aid application package. Your completed application and all supporting documents should be submitted in one email to Alexis de Armas at finaid@asid.org. You may direct any questions about the application or documentation to the same email address.

Required Application Items

  1. Completed application form with signature page (Scanned copies of the signature page are acceptable.)
  2. A copy of any legislation to be introduced on behalf of the coalition or for which the coalition seeks a sponsor
  3. A copy of the coalition’s strategic plan
  4. Copies of any legislative advocacy materials distributed as a part of the previous session efforts
  5. The coalition’s financial statement (balance sheet) AND budget from two previous fiscal years
  6. Projected coalition budget for FY 2015 (DO NOT include the money you request for financial aid in your projected budget).
  7. A copy of the contract and the proposal of work to be provided by any lobbyist hired by the coalition, if applicable
  8. A copy of the 2015 Legislative Financial Aid Agreement

Reporting Requirements

All coalitions that receive legislative financial aid will be required to report on their activities as a condition of being awarded financial aid. Reporting requirements include:

  1. Continual updates with ASID staff and the Legislative and Codes Advisory Council (LCAC) partner as you progress with your legislative plan.
  2. In the final quarterly report, recipients must provide a complete accounting of how financial aid funds were spent.

Application Deadline: July 31, 2014, by 11:59 p.m. EDT

Coalition Contact Information
Please provide us with some basic information on your legislative coalition.
(include all applicable names)
Primary Coalition Contact Person (Must be an ASID member)
Please provide us with a primary contact in your coalition. This individual must be an ASID member.