My Portfolio


Inner Light is a full scope interior design company that aids in the fulfillment of a client's vision for any type of physical space. The firm's guiding principle is to conceptualized, design, facilitate and achieve client goals to provide their users, guests and others with a memorable and unique experience.  The firm's implementation focus achieves superior cost-quality-aesthetic- functional benefits aligned with client objectives.


Central Coast Interior Designer Erica Gomez, makes the design process as easy as possible for her clients. She believes buildings we inhabit should serve as tools to reach our optimal goal. 


She perceives interior design as a way to help the each client be comfortable, safe and surrounded by the things they love. Gomez prides herself in sharing her creativity, ideas, insight and practical wisdom in a number of ways. 


Gomez is an Allied Member of the American Society of Interior Designers, ASID. She received her Bachelor of Art in Interior Design from San Diego State University. She chose to return to her native San Luis Obispo county to provide progressive idea for local interiors.