Award Winning Residential Design

Bronze Award Winning Home
Family Room, designed to be open to Kitchen and Dining Rooms

The home owners desired a classic traditional home that reminded them of the historical neighborhoods they grew up in, but accommodated a young family of five’s modern lifestyle.  This concept was achieved through the use of unique architectural elements, quality finishes and a spacious floor plan not seen in typical modern homes.
Because of their children’s young ages, the homeowner’s first priority was durability to help the home maintain its character and beauty over the years of everyday abuse.  They also wanted a traditional character with updated twists to reflect their personality and interests.  The homeowners have collections of art, pottery, china and antiques that they wanted to showcase in the home.
The unique nature of the architectural details such as the arched display niches, radius stairs and custom designed bunk beds posed a challenge to craftsmen.  Kitchen cabinets had to be custom designed and built to accommodate and display the homeowner’s extensive collection of china.  The desire for an “old home” feel, required the builder to source out craftsman who were skilled in woodworking, tile and stone setting and ironwork.
Working as a team with the builder, architect, designer and various craftsman we were able to develop the home’s unique details and deliver an end product that exceeded the client’s expectations.