Project Management

Presentation: "Sustainable Lighting Design - with an Intro to CAD-Based Lighting Design Tools"

Donna LebanPresented by: Donna J. Leban, AIA, LC, IESNA
Available CEUs: 0.2 Basic
Designation: General (G)
Subject Index: Interior Design: Lighting Design (2.8)

Ever wished that you could tell your smaller project clients exactly what luminaire and light source would perform best without having to consult an engineer or lighting designer? Ever been disappointed by a project that was over-lighted, resulting in less than the intended effect? Learning to use efficient lighting technologies in creative and aesthetically sensitive ways is enhanced by the existence of relatively easy to use CAD based lighting software. These programs allow the designer to create a virtual rendered view while calculating point-based illuminance. While not a substitute for design experience, these tools allow designers to improve their lighting design skills by simulating the effects of any luminaire using web-published photometry. This program focuses on the application of these tools to everyday lighting design problems. Some knowledge of lighting design metrics will be needed, although these will be reviewed. Use of a commonly available program will be demonstrated through simple design examples. Free sample software will be distributed so that attendees will have a chance to try the tools on their own projects. Attendees will develop skills that, with practice, will help designers become adept at designing and specifying luminaires, with the goal of reducing lighting energy use while improving aesthetics.