Renting and Leasing Properties: For Landlords and Tenants

What to Know, What to Avoid

Renting is a form of debt that requires large cash outlays over the full term of the lease. That's why new and existing rental agreements deserve the same detailed attention as any other debt instrument where you live with the terms for many years. In fact, a lease commitment of only $3,000 per month for 10 years represents a liability of $360,000, and much more when you build in the escalators, insurance and pass-through costs.

You say you signed your lease years ago? This Report still applies to you. Use the cost-saving alerts when renegotiating your existing lease, exercising current lease options, or arranging insurance coverage for your building and operations. If you rent property to others, this Report also will help you view a lease agreement from a tenant's point of view.

Other topics: How to uncover the risks of a lease, negotiating ideas, big-dollar questions to ask, property and casualty risks to guard against, providing for future needs, and a glossary of rental terms to know.