Research Resources

Design Research Knowledgebases

InformeDESIGN, launched in 2003 with substantial support from the ASID Foundation, is a leading resource for evidence-based design content, resources, people, and tools. Interior designers, architects, graphic designers, and landscape architects use more than 2,400 research summaries to inform their design solutions. InformeDESIGN allows you to explore new design and human behavior topics, engage in research-based design, and learn from tutorials, white papers, and web casts — all in one place.  

Research Design Connections
Research Design Connections is a subscription-based service that distills important, practical lessons from design-useful articles on psychology, sociology, anthropology, biology and other scientific fields as well as academic research in interior design, architecture and landscape architecture. Information is provided via the Research Design Connections Web site, a quarterly electronic newsletter, an archive of hundreds of past articles, and a daily blog (free to subscribers and non-subscribers).

Industry Research

Many industry leaders have compiled research on key design topics in order to better serve their customers.  These white papers and case studies are available online.  We've provided links to a few of the top corporate research sites that should prove invaluable as you work with your clients to meet their current and future needs.

Academic Research

Carnegie Mellon Green Design Institute
An interdisciplinary research effort to make an impact on environmental quality through green design.

Center for Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
Housed in the School of Architecture & Planning at the University of Buffalo in New York

The Center for Real Life Kitchen Design
College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech

Center for Universal Design
An initiative of the College of Design at North Carolina State University

The Intypes (Interior Archetypes) Research and Teaching Project at Cornell creates a typology of contemporary interior design practices that are derived from reiterative historical designs that span time and style and cross cultural boundaries.

Universal Design Learning Lab
Operated by the Iowa State University Extension program through the Department of Human Development and Family Studies