Residential Design

Presentation: "Sustainable Residential Interiors"

Annette K StelmackPresented by: Annette K Stelmack, ASID Allied Member
Available CEUs: 0.2 Basic
Designation: Health/Safety/Welfare (HSW)
Subject Index: Interior Design: Sustainable and/or Environmental Design (2.12)

This seminar emphasizes the role and responsibility of residential interior design in creating sustainable, healthy homes and nurturing the future of our plant. Topics covered address cutting-edge, practical information on analyzing green interior products and options drawing from our book 'Sustainable Residential Interiors'. The presentation will concentrate on the overarching principles for sustainable design taking it from advocacy to literacy. The session will demonstrate how to design green interiors, how to green a design business, specifications that deliver a quality green project, and inspiring interior case studies.

The following sustainable principles will be highlighted: • Environmental Stewards • Quality of planet • Personal responsibility equals good business • Good design as supported by CIDA & AIA • Conservation of natural resources • IAQ & IEQ • Energy efficiency • Water efficiency & conservation • Operation & maintenance practices • Waste management • 2030 Challenge.

In addition, the session will provide in-depth criteria for access design solutions and products including the following: • Embodied energy • Certification • Reduced material • Recycled material • Renewable material • Sustainable manufacturing practices • Reduced toxic emissions • Low-impact materials • Locally manufactured • Durable & long-lasting • Adaptable & reusable • Biodegradable • Indoor air quality • Reduced samples • Reduced packaging • Efficient shipping. Interior designers are eager to integrate green elements into their work, but often give up when they realize the depth of knowledge that is required for implementation. This presentation is a way to catapult them into this arena, armed and motivated to embrace sustainable design initiatives.

Presentation: "Aiming at Affluence: Marketing Interior Design for Luxury Clients"

Presented by: Stephen P. Nobel, ASID Industry Partner
Available CEUs: 0.2 Basic
Designation: General (G)
Subject Index: Business & Professional Practice: Marketing and Public Relations (8.8)

'Aiming at Affluence: Marketing Interior Design for Luxury Clients’ presents specific marketing techniques that represent the luxurious value that designers afford their clients. Those who attend Nobel's presentations find new and innovative insights into marketing methods creatively employed by luxury marketers around the world – all tailored to represent the value of design to the luxury-minded consumer and potential client of Interior Designers.