The Safe Home: Designing for Safety in the Home

The Safe Home: Designing for Safety in the HomeThe Safe Home: Designing for Safety in the Home
by Lisa Bonneville, FASID
November 2007
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One of the primary responsibilities of the professional interior designer is to create "safe homes" for their clients - homes that effectively address health safety, safety from injury and preservation of security.  This commitment is a critical component in the relationship between client and designer, and one the designer is uniquely qualified to achieve.

The Safe Home, by Lisa Bonneville, FASID, outlines the "steps to safety" that, when integrated into the design process, insure that clients receive a superlative living environment that is functional, comfortable and matches the family’s specific needs.

This book will help you to ask the right questions, point you toward experts who can provide additional information, and give you the tools you need to provide exemplary guidance and design solutions to any client.

Topics covered in The Safe Home include

  • What is a Safe Home? (definitions, changing needs over a lifetime)
  • Planning a Safe Home (integrating safety into the design process, collaboration)
  • Designing a Safe Home (room-by-room home safety critiques) - Download a sample critique (PDF)
  • Preserving a Safe Home (maintenance, rating systems)
  • Staying Current - Knowledge Resources (health, injury and security resources)

Click here to download the complete table of contents. (PDF)