State of the Industry

The ASID State of the Industry report explores design as a business, from education and practice to specification and legislation. The report provides a unique overview of the design industry, including its size, scope and financial impact.

Did you know: Designer revenues were just under $7.3 billion in 2011, with an estimated 12,100 interior design firms. With an additional $1 billion in earnings by the 17,100 self-employed designers and $1 billion from architecture firms’ interior design services, the total revenue of interior design businesses was over $9 billion.

Full of highly visual charts and graphs that clearly convey this valuable information, the State of the Industry report is a must-have for all interior designers and design-related organizations.

 “The infographics were excellent for communicating the value to the rest of our organization and the diversity of the data provided a great base to establish understanding of the overall industry in an easy to read and digest format.”

Emily Cangie, director of business development for Robert Allen Design, Industry Partner of ASID

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