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Welcome to the ASID STEP Updates page. This page has been developed as a tool for receiving the most current information on the ASID STEP program. The STEP Updates page will also offer up-to-date answers to the most frequently asked questions and a listing of alternative NCIDQ preparatory programs and resource tools.

The page will be updated periodically with new information and updates. If there is information on NCIDQ preparatory programs, tools, or resources that are not indicated on this page please forward to a contact listed at the bottom of this page.

ASID STEP Workshop Frequently Asked Questions

Will STEP be offered this year?
The STEP workshop has been put on hold during the 2012 fiscal year. Over the last several years, STEP has faced several challenges including a steep decline in attendance, long three-day program structure, overdue updates to workshop materials and learning objectives.

Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers & Architects (ICD6)

To address these issues, ASID is stepping back and researching what our options are—including reaching out to companies that specialize in just this type of prep program for development and/or delivery.

Are there alternatives for those needing prep work before taking the NCIDQ?
Yes! This webpage has a list of available NCIDQ prep courses and resources that we are aware of, please see information below. If you know of programs or resources that are not listed, please forward any information (website, description, etc.) and a program contact to We will contact the owner of the course and get the necessary permissions to list it on our website.

I understand that some of the instructors from the STEP program are offering NCIDQ prep workshops. Are they actually the STEP workshop?
No. Although the instructors are available to bring an NCIDQ prep course to your chapter, the course is not STEP.

How do I find an instructor for an NCIDQ prep workshop?
That’s easy. If you are interested in having one of the instructors who has taught STEP come to your chapter, please contact them through the link provided below the list of instructor names. Their state of residence is listed so you may contact the instructor closest to you.

Cheryl DiMenna, ASID (Maryland)
Donna Kirby, FASID (Florida)
Phyllis Moore, FASID (Alabama)

To request an instructor or to find scheduled workshops, visit

Can ASID recommend an NCIDQ prep program?

ASID cannot recommend one program over another. However, we suggest you closely examine any program you are considering. You should reach out to the program contact and learn what you should expect from the program, what materials they use, whether it’s interactive, etc. This will give you a good idea of what preparation you will be given.

Are the STEP materials available?
Materials that were part of the STEP program are not currently available. There are alternatives available through the ASID website and the NCIDQ website at

Helpful Information

The following is for general informational purposes only. ASID does not endorse any product or program listed and cannot attest to the accuracy, reliability or availability of the information, products or services listed.

NCIDQ Prep Courses

The following contains information about various NCIDQ preparatory workshops. This page will not list specific workshop dates, locations, or fees. Please use the contact information provided below for additional information.

NCIDQ Practicum Prep
A three-day, 23-hour intense preparatory workshop developed by the ASID STEP instructors. This is an independent program focused on the Practicum portion (Section 3) of the NCIDQ exam only.

To request and instructor or get more information visit:

The NCIDQ Study Workshop
Workshop will be based on the Interior Design Reference Manual: Everything You Need to Know to Pass the NCIDQ Exam, Fifth Edition by David Kent Ballast, AIA NCIDQ Certified #9425

Contact for more information, including dates:
Cary Baumann -
Nicole Heckert -

The NCIDQ Prep Course An independent workshop to cover the Practicum, Section 3 only. The course will include practicum exam tips, a full 8 hour mock exam and a review of graded practice test on Sunday. Course includes the cost of materials for the practice test.

Contact for more information, including dates
Lori Watkins, ASID, ASID Texas Chapter - 

Learning for Advancing Professionals (LEAP) NCIDQ Certification gives the interior designer a sense of personal achievement and contributes not only to the individual’s professional recognition but also to the recognition of the profession as a whole. Passing the NCIDQ exam provides interior designers with peer recognition and promotes public acceptance through awareness of a profession with certified practitioners.

This LEAP Workshop is an extensive overview of the scope of the information needed for successful completion of NCIDQ exam. Developed and facilitated by Shelley Siegel, FASID, the LEAP Workshop allows you to work at your own pace as well as having the benefit of personalized instruction. Complete reading assignments at home, discuss readings with instructor to reinforce material, take practice exams, and complete practice scenarios in a casual group setting.

This workshop follows the format of the new NCIDQ exam and instruction is a combination of self-study, internet sessions, and in-person workshops.

For more information, current schedule, or how to bring the LEAP workshop to your chapter please contact:
Shelley Siegel, FASID (561) 965-3746 or email

NCIDQ Prep Course at NYSID This workshop prepares candidates for the NCIDQ exam by exploring test-taking techniques and strategies, and providing an understanding of the test objectives. In each class, students take exams simulating the NCIDQ exam, followed by a review, analysis and explanations of the various questions and answers.

Note: This course is held in collaboration with the New York School of Interior Design at their campus. Workshop is open to ASID NY Metro Chapter members only and is limited to 9 seats.

Contact for more information:

ASID Chapters Please contact your ASID chapter to find out more information on available NCIDQ prep programs in your area.

You may find a list of ASID chapter contact information at

Other Resources

Name of program

Qpractice NCIDQ Exam Study Plan -

Program description

Qpractice is an online resource to help interior designers study and practice for the NCIDQ Exam.

Available materials

  • FREE NCIDQ Exam Study Plan by email
  • Online study group memberships and practice tests
  • Online practice tests based on the IDFXIDPX, and Practicum
  • Mentorship programs for self-employed interior designers or businesses who wish to qualify to sit for the NCIDQ Exam
  • Affiliate programs to raise money for your local ASID chapter

Contact information


NCIDQ offers an array of resources to help you prepare for the exam, including all-new study materials designed specifically for the new format of the examination beginning in 2010. For more information, visit

Flashcard Secrets
Learn how to quickly solve difficult NCIDQ exam questions with their flashcard system. For more information, visit

PPI NCIDQ Exam Preparation Review
This program offers packaged exam review materials for the NCIDQ by David Kent Ballast including:

Other reference material includes:

IDEX Essentials: The Power to Pass the IDEX California Exam (IDEXES)

Interior Construction & Detailing for Designers & Architects (ICD6)

In addition to the individual products, PPI offers packages at a 15% discount:


Contact information -

NCIDQ Exam Secrets Study Guide: NCIDQ Test Review for the National Council for Interior Design Qualification Examination
NCIDQ Exam Secrets helps you ace the NCIDQ without weeks and months of endless studying. This comprehensive study guide is written by exam experts, who painstakingly researched every topic and concept that you need to know to ace your test.

Contact information –

If you have additional questions or information on programs, tools or resources related to the NCIDQ please contact: